A new song written and composed by people from Barrow will have its premiere at a popular Cumbrian festival.

Boom Dang’s original song ‘We Are In The Future’ has been created alongside families from Furness and will be heard for the first time at Another Fine Fest in Ulverston.

The music forms part of their celebrations of the Great Big Green Week and includes lyrics such as “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat”.

Boom Dang is an organisation that provides creative music activities with the aim to positively impact people’s lives.

It is made up of an internationally acclaimed drumming band, a training centre for music practitioners and a participatory music team led by artistic director Therese Johnston.

Since starting up in 2000, the organisation has been delivering community workshops in partnership with other Barrow based organisations.

They have worked with Theatre Factory, YouthAbility, Dropzone, Furness Multi-Cultural Community Forum and Women’s Community Matters.

The Ting Tang family drumming group were inspired to write and record their music after a visit from Rema Grace Gifford of Mycelium Thinking CIC.

The project was designed to encourage the families to think about issues around sustainability and small changes we can make.

The catchy song will be performed at Another Fine Fest on Saturday June 15.

Boom Dang will appear on the Flourishing Furness Stage between 11.55am and 12.15pm.

This project has been supported by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) and will also release the song on their social media channels.