A man from Workington is helping a disabled person experience the thrill of a motorbike ride for Dave Day.

Kevin Dunsmoir reached out to the event organisers last week to offer up two seats on his trike for 'someone who may not normally be able to experience these types of events'.

Kevin liaised with Adelle Hutton, who has played a key role in organising the social media page for the big event this Saturday.

Dave Day coverage from The Mail:

She explained: "My man in Barrow, Ian Wheddon, was put on the case and got in touch with a mini bus driver who has volunteered to drop them off at Oasis Wildlife and found two very worthy passengers."

The two recipients of the 'random act of kindness' are Sharon and Michael Case, both of whom live locally in Furness.

"Michael is 24 years old and has learning, physical and communication disabilities and an undiagnosed genetic condition," Adelle added.

"He's known for his happy demeanour, always smiling and polite, he loves tractors, quad bikes and bikes, and his hero is The Flash - a DC comic superhero."

Sharon has been in the area since she was just 13 and will be joining Michael on the trike for the special occasion.

"She joined the Royal Air force in 1985, served as a painter and finisher at RAF Waddington in Lincoln painting Nimrods, AWACS and the last flying display Vulcan bomber.

"She also served in the Falkland Islands before she left the air force in 1993 and eventually moved back home to Ulverston."

For Sharon, the day will be about seeing her son get involved in the event just as much as it will be about celebrating the life of Dave Myers.

She said: "I think I might be just as excited as Michael, if not more - [we're] so lucky to get a place, people are so kind and generous.

"I really can’t wait to see Michaels face when we set off."