A MAN intentionally defecated in a police cell after being concussed by officers during his arrest, a court heard.

Bradley Rose was convicted of criminal damage after the incident in custody at Barrow Police Station.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court heard Rose, 25, could not recall pulling his trousers down and defecating on the floor of cell nine at the police station, in Andrews Way, but admitted he was guilty.

The court heard he hurled abuse at officers when told to clean up his mess and refused to do so.

His solicitor said Rose had sustained several blows to the head during his arrest for an unnamed allegation, with the incident the subject of a complaint.

Prosecutor Lee Dacre said the criminal damage incident happened on November 19.

"The defendant had been arrested and was in custody," he said.

"He pulled his trousers down and defecated on the floor.

He was given the chance to clean the cell but refused to do so.

"He said 'I get paid way more than you - clean it up yourself'.

Mitigating, Michael Graham said: "There was an incident immediately prior to the defendant's arrest which is the subject of a complaint that's being looked into.

"The defendant suffered head injuries following repeated blows to the head.

"He was kept in custody for some 15 hours before he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with concussion.

"He has no recollection of the events whatsoever."

"His behaviour is completely out of character," Mr Graham added.

"He's an apprentice and attends college.

"This may impact his college course and so his apprenticeship."

Mr Graham described the incident as a 'fairly low level, simple offence' that could end up having 'more significant and serious' consequences for Rose.

Magistrates sentenced Rose, of Melbourne Street in Barrow, to a fine of £136 and ordered him to pay a further £80 in compensation to Cumbria Police for clean-up costs.

On top of that he was ordered to pay £54 victim surcharge and £85 in prosecution costs.