An artist with Cumbrian roots - who now lives on a remote Danish island - is set to host his first solo UK exhibit in several years.

Landscape art specialist, Adam Fenton, 32, will have his work displayed at the Heaton Cooper Studio archive gallery in Grasmere this June.

The exhibition will see five large scale paintings from his Sea of Fog series, alongside a selection of his smaller Afternoon Tea paintings.

Running from June 13 until August 27, some of the paintings have been inspired by the scenery of Cartmel - where he enjoyed a misty walk with his mother and aunt.

Mr Fenton said: "That walk led me to make the series Amidst the Sea of Fog, paintings larger than I had ever painted before.

"They portray the landscape as undomesticated and atmospheric. They have a more cinematic quality to them.

"From afar, they maintain a photorealistic quality, however up close, I allowed my process to be visible.

"The brushstrokes are unmasked and my playful enjoyment can be seen.”

Curator of the series, Julian Heaton Cooper, said : “On seeing his paintings I was struck by how he has managed that rare trick of having an ironical look at the genre of 'landscape' painting, and yet also producing some genuine, felt landscapes.”

Graduating from Goldsmiths in London with a BA in Fine Art and History of Art, Fenton then moved to Copenhagen where he achieved an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art.

The artist now resides on Denmark's fourth-largest island, Lolland, in a thatched cottage he bought to escape city-life.

Mr Fenton said: “Here I can be immersed in my sources of inspiration, those being the landscape surrounding me, nature, a simpler way of life, the possibility to grow my own food, keep chickens, learn and practice old handicraft traditions, and of course not forgetting time to paint and sculpt.”

Despite his love of life in Denmark, he admits missing parts of the UK.

Mr Fenton said: "I miss the hills and a good pint."