Police in Cumbria have spoken to schoolchildren about the dangers of knives.

As part of the national Anti-Knife campaign, Operation Sceptre, Cumbria Police officers visited schools and businesses last week.

The operation supports the effort of the police to keep residents safe from knife crime all year round.

Officers addressed pupils directly about the potential consequences of knife possession.

A total of 58 school presentations occurred across Cumbria in varied formats, from assemblies and classrooms to interactive workshops.

Officers also engaged with youngsters in Whitehaven at the Harbour Youth Project.

More than 20 businesses were informed about knife crime, receiving information packs with guidance on knife sale regulations and methods for properly challenging relevant situations.

Operational activities also included a knife amnesty, providing people the opportunity to safely dispose of dangerous knives.

As a result, 48 bladed articles were surrendered across the county.

Additionally, a joint operation was carried out with the British Transport Police at Oxenholme Railway Station.

Chief inspector Steve Hunter of Cumbria Police acknowledged the essentiality of community engagement in such initiatives.

He said: "Cumbria supports every Operation Sceptre as our officers know the tragic consequences that can result from anything short of a vigilant and no-nonsense approach to knife crime."

He emphasised their continuous efforts to jointly work with schools, stating: "Whilst the number and type of blades handed in tends to get the most attention, the most important aspect for ourselves is the engagement we continue to have with schools, who open their doors to our officers so we can educate their children about the dangers of carrying knives."

He also encouraged families to promote awareness, saying: "Cumbria is one of the safest places to live, work and visit and we can all help keep it that way by speaking to family members about the dangers of carrying a knife and the potential consequences if they attempt to use it or are caught in possession."