Music theatre company, The Telling, is set to bring its show ‘I, Spie’ about composer John Dowland to The Coro on June 12.

This theatrical performance highlights Dowland's involvement in foiling a plot against Queen Elizabeth I and his encounters with the Secret Service.

This adventurous half-concert, half-play is designed to offer an exciting mix of music and theatre, featuring acclaimed actors including Dominic Marsh, Niall Ashdown, and Leila Mimmack directed by BAFTA-nominated director, Nicholas Renton.

The story centres around an controversial letter Dowland wrote to Sir Robert Cecil in 1595 and the letter's subsequent effects.

Writer/soprano, Clare Norburn, said: "Being a Catholic informant in Elizabethan England was a dangerous business – no one entirely trusted you, even if your information was helpful.

"The 1580s has seen a series of Catholic plots and the terrifying threat of the Spanish Armada – and with the Queen ageing without any clear succession, by 1595 there was a febrile sense of panic and suspicion."

The events blend unique performances of Dowland's compositions, Elizabethan tavern, street and courtly masque music, curated by The Telling.

The UK tour of ‘I, Spie’ will be running from June 9 - 23, with the performance at The Coro in Ulverston starting at 7.30pm on June 12.

Tickets range from £6 to £19.