A BOTANICAL-themed cafe has opened in the Lake District offering visitors a full plant-based menu.

The Botanical Kitchen opened at 4 St Martin’s Parade in Bowness on the first day of May, taking over the location previously occupied by the Ubuntu Café Bar.

This spacious café features a lush botanical-themed décor with different types of plants,  blue and white tiles across the bar and big windows offering a light and airy environment.

Manager Verity Brown said they have had 'amazing' locals coming and repeat customers across the month.

"The community of vegan cuisine around here is really good," she said.

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"We have had several people come in here who eat meat."

With a fully vegan and plant-based menu, most of the products, including vegan meat, cheese, pates and dips, are produced in-house by the owner Debbie Scott.

During lockdown she established W R Udderly Nuts, a producer and online supplier of plant-based cheeses and condiments.

Having moved from Berwick-upon-Tweed to the Lake District last year, Ms Scott embarked on a quest to alter common misconceptions about vegan food by establishing a café.

"We know what is in every plate that we are serving," explained the manager.

"There are no mystery ingredients, there is no ultra-processed food or anything.

"We are literally growing some of the herbs we use in our salads on the side. I bring in a lot of herbs from the herb garden I keep at home. Debbie does the same thing so we are making sure we can tell our customers what is exactly in their food and that we are inclusive, so anybody who is on any sort of diet can come here and eat something and find something they will enjoy"

Their ethos is to give back to people who help protect animals from animal cruelty so 10 per cent of their profit will be donated to them. 

The Botanical Kitchen offers options such as breakfast, daytime and blackboard specials on the menu, with options ranging from breakfast burritos, charcuterie board, pizzas and burgers.