The Dock Museum will be handing the donations it receives across Dave Day to the two chosen charities.

Whilst not open on the day of the event itself in Barrow, the museum will open its doors on Sunday, June 9 in the hope that lingering visitors will pay them a visit.

With thousands of motorbike riders coming to the area to celebrate the life of Dave Myers, along with countless fans, Dave Day is also raising money for NSPCC Childline and The Institute of Cancer Research.

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John Irving, the premises manager at the museum, said: "We open at 11:00am on Sunday, but if there is enough interest, I will happily open at 10am giving everyone time to visit us before their trip home.

"We operate on donations but, on June 9, all donations we receive will be given to the Dave Day charities - Dave was very special to us, as he was to you all."

As well as giving to charity, Mr Irving and many fellow staff members at the museum will be volunteering as marshals on the Saturday to ensure that Dave Day runs as smoothly as possible.