A vintage phone box has been restored.

Retired resident Gerard Coldwell came across two men at the old phone box at Rosside Eoad that forks off Kirkby Moor Road. 

He was told the pair, who had begun a thorough job by stripping the old phone box back to its bare metal, were from local flat Roofing specialists company Duracoat.

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He was also told the paint and glass are being provided by Ulverston Town Council with the roofers donating their labour at their own expense. 

Gerard said: "I believe a man called Dawid owns Duracoat. One of the workmen said: 'It’s a piece of history' so Dawid must drive past it every day and thought: 'I could sort it'.

"I myself have wondered whether I should just touch it up but this is a proper bare metal restoration.

"There’s a lot of things in Ulverston like this -  just this month new benches appeared down the canal, with others repaired and floral displays.

"All done quietly at personal expense, that’s why I love the place."

The Mail confirmed it is Dawid who runs Duracoat and his team that are responsible for the restoration - and he had very special reasons.

"I wanted to give something back" said Dawid. "Last year we got the tender to restore the roof of the Roxy cinema.

"As we restored something so iconic for the town, I saw this phone box and no-one had ever attempted to work on it.

"Again, I wanted to restore something iconic for the town and, as a thank you, I wanted to give back to the community.

"The council has kindly provided the paint and glass but labour this is coming out of my own pocket so to speak. 

"It has had the first layer of top coat so far and the inside will be painted over the weekend.

"We can't say when it will be finished as it's very weather dependent so hopefully we will have nice weather.

"I didn't necessarily do this for the publicity but it's gotten quite a bit of attention and people have really liked it so far."