A WOMAN who stole from several big-name chains in a month-long shoplifting spree has been jailed.

Maigan Print was jailed after she committed a string of shoplifting offences - taking mostly alcohol and food from Tesco, B&M, Aldi, Iceland and other chain stores in Barrow.

The 35-year-old admitted all nine charges when she appeared before South Cumbria Magistrates' Court.

Prosecutor Peter Kelly told the court Print, 35, had been arrested after she stole wine and alcohol worth £13 on April 2.

She was arrested by police and bailed before going on to commit more offences.

On April 11, she stole a crate of Corona beer from Tesco and a few days later on April 14 she returned to the store and stole £15 worth of Budweiser beer.

That same day she also went into Currys in Hollywood Retail Park and stole a Tassimo coffee machine worth nearly £50.

On April 22 she stole Jim Beam whiskey and wine from B&M, then stole two bottles of red wine worth a total of £17 from Aldi the next day.

A week later on April 30 she took lemon Hooch and Gordon's gin from in another theft from B&M.

Print was also convicted of stealing more items on May 2, taking pet items including a dog lead and chews from The Range and mini Babybels, chicken, burgers and lamb chops from Iceland.

After being arrested again by police, she was found with a seatbelt cutter and scissors, items authorities said could be used for shoplifting.

In mitigation, Andy Gallagher said Print had a 'long-standing alcohol addiction'.

"These offences are to a large extent committed due to that addiction."

He said she struggled to get by on her benefits, the court heard,

Mr Gallagher told the court Print did not remember stealing the coffee machine from Currys.

Magistrates sentenced Print to ten days behind bars for each of the shoplifting offences and a further ten days for going equipped for theft.

The defendant, of Anson Street, was also ordered to pay £151.99 in compensation to the companies she stole items from, with most of the goods taken not recovered or not suitable for resale.