Bardsea Bird Sanctuary has taken over the care of several chicks after their mother abandoned them.

Maintenance work was being carried out at the football ground in Askam when workers came across a nest containing three newly-hatched chicks and five eggs.

The bird sanctuary was contacted while the whole nest and its fluffy residents was carefully placed into a bucket before it could be transported to a member of the team in Ulverston.

On inspection, the sanctuary found that there was not one but two sparrow nests. Sadly, the eggs had been without their mother’s warmth for so long that they had gone cold and were no longer viable - and one of the three chicks had also died before they could help him.

Bardsea Bird Sanctuary has been looking after the two surviving sparrow chicks, who are doing ‘really well’.

A spokesman said the chicks have been 'eating, sleeping, pooping and chirping like they should, are growing more each day, and are now fully feathered'.

When they became more adventurous, the sparrows were moved into a bigger nest where they could stretch their legs and wings.

A Bardsea Bird Sanctuary spokesman said: “Hopefully all being well, and thanks to Joshua who found them and acted quickly, they are going to make it out into the wild as young, juvenile birds, wild and free.”

The charity currently has several baby birds in the care of their volunteers and expect a busy time ahead.

However, they are running low on baby bird formula and said that if anyone would donate to the sanctuary babies, via their Amazon Wishlist, it would be really appreciated.