Relief is on the way for Cartmel residents affected by overflow problems in the River Eea, following a collaboration between United Utilities and Holker Group.

The Cartmel-in-Cark Pumping Station is overflowing into the river too frequently due to high groundwater levels in the area.

Work will commence soon on land adjacent to the pumping station, where a new 20 square metre compound will be constructed to house additional treatment units.

These units will not only increase the capacity of the system, but also help in treating the water.

A public exhibition scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, from 2pm till 5.45pm at Cartmel Village Hall, will provide further insight into the £1.5m project plans.

Holker Group, which includes Cartmel Racecourse, has played a role in bringing these plans to fruition.

They provided assistance when United Utilities sought additional land for the project.

Collaborating with one of its tenant farmers, Holker Group freed up some grazing land for United Utilities use.

Holker Group chief executive Allen Gibb said: "We have been working with United Utilities on this for about a month.

"When United Utilities explained their plan we were only too happy to help as this has been an issue for the local area for some time.

"Our tenant farmer has sacrificed a parcel of land which was used for livestock grazing and we are close to finalising a lease for United Utilities to operate on the land.

"We are delighted to help facilitate a solution to the problem."

Mr Gibb revealed that a longer-term solution was being deliberated, which could encompass a reed bed filtration system.

"We are also in discussions with United Utilities about a longer-term solution to this issue which could involve a reed bed filtration system.

"We have also worked with them on facilitating some borehole investigations into the groundwater," he added.

“All the businesses within Holker Group take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously.

"We live here too and the estate is involved in some ground-breaking work to ensure we play our part in giving back to the land from which we earn our living." Sean Knox, delivery manager at United Utilities, lauded Holker Group's cooperation.

He said: "This is good news for the local community and the local environment and we’re very pleased that Holker Group has been willing to work with us to make the project happen.

"The land is the key element in this scheme, providing the space we will need to treat more of the groundwater that infiltrates into the sewer network in the area, reducing the frequency of the system overflowing into the river.

"We hope local residents will come along to the exhibition and talk to our team who will be on hand and happy to answer any questions."

Holker Group is involved in numerous environmental projects, including those which look into alternative farming techniques, such as developing sphagnum moss, pivotal for water retention on peat soils.

Besides this, Holker Group is also working actively with South Cumbria Rivers Trust and the Community Forest to improve environmental ecosystems by restoring a watercourse to its natural state.