A STORM brought rainfall that was so quick and intense that it overwhelmed drains in Dalton.

The heavy rainfall that began on May 12 overwhelmed drains in the Ulverston Road and Queen Street area. 

The Clarence Pub, on Ulverston Road, posted a video showing the extent of the flooding.

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Owners of the pub confirmed that, as a result of the drain blockages, water poured into the cellar which they have had to have cleaned. 

Luckily, only the barrel side of the cellar was affected and not the bottle side.

In their forty-second clip, cars can be seen trying to make their way through the floodwaters as drains struggle to manage the flow. 

Dalton South councillor Dave Taylor said: "Our highways teams have been made aware of the issue and will be inspecting the drains.

"The drainage in Dalton just couldn’t cope with the amount of water that fell from the sky, with the town being situated in a valley and water flowing downhill from all sides the surge on the drainage just couldn’t cope with the volume it received in such a short time.

The Mail: Flooding in DaltonFlooding in Dalton (Image: Clarence Pub)

"This needs to be seriously taken into consideration with new housing developments and the drainage receives extra focus. Otherwise, we could witness a great deal more of this."

A yellow thunderstorm warning was in place on Sunday afternoon.

The Met Office warned heavy showers and thunderstorms could have led to some disruption in places, especially to travel.