A GRANDMOTHER and her grandson were dramatically rescued through a bedroom window in Barrow after a fire broke out in the downstairs of their home.

60-year-old Vikki Wearing lives at Langdale Grove with her grandson Layton.

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Vikki was asleep with four-year-old Layton when she was awoken by the fire alarm.

"It was strange, Layton usually wakes up before me however he was still asleep," she said: "I heard the alarm and thought it's be something small. 

"When I got downstairs however the living room was completely black. The 65 inch television, everything was in flames. 

"I don't remember anything just sheer noise and I couldn't find our dog.

The Mail: The dining room was also engulfed in flames"I ran back up the bedroom to grab Layton and panicked when I realised my phone was still downstairs.

"I was hammering on the bedroom window and I thought 'god no one is coming' as it was early in the morning.

"Luckily, I managed to see my neighbour Karl Doughty. He couldn't get in the door but he managed to get up on the porch. 

"He said 'can you pass him through the smaller window' and somehow I got him through.

"Layton wasn't really panicking so I think he may have been semi-conscious."

The Mail: The living room was completely gutted by the fireOnlookers had started to gather down below and her other neighbour, Ethan Wallis, managed to break the window to get her out.

At this point, Vikki quickly realised that she was wearing just a jumper and underwear.

She said: "I looked around for just anything that I could put on and the bedroom now had gone completely black.

"I couldn't see anything and was feeling around, then all of a sudden I saw Tyler's jacket - it was the only thing I could see.

"I always keep it with me near to where I asleep so I just grabbed in and put it on.

"I can't really remember getting out. 

"The whole thing was terrifying."

The Mail: Layton has lost many of his toys in the fire

Many of Vikki's and Layton's possession's, including the toddler's Christmas and birthday presents, have been destroyed in the fire.

The doting grandmother is an artist and last year transformed an old sofa with colourful cartoon characters as a tribute to her late son Tyler - with all the family adding their favourite cartoon characters.

That has now gone along with all of Vikki's artworks and paints. Luckily, the dog was found by a fireman and is safe and well.

The pair are now in a temporary flat with the bare minimum and it is estimated that the home is going to cost around £20k to fix. 

The family feel they can raise around £15k however a last push is needed.

So far, the fire is believed to have been down to electrical wiring in the home and the pair don't know when they can move back.

The Mail: Layton on the couch that was a tribute to his dad Tyler"You don't think anything like this going to happen to you," Vikki added. "I never leave anything on and I never smoke inside the house.

"I'm so scared it'll happen again and all I keep thinking is 'how could I have slept through it'. I can't thank my neighbours enough for getting us out."

The family has sent up a Go Fund Me page for anybody wishing to donate.