A community group that is keeping a bus service in operation has earned royal recognition.

Friends of X112, who primarily exist to support rural transport in south Cumbria and the Furness peninsula, shared on Saturday, May 11 that they had been sent a letter from Buckingham Palace.

They work in tandem with the Blueworks Bus Company, operating services such as the X70, X7, X12 and 11.

The Mail: The letter from the PalaceThe letter from the Palace (Image: PA)

Phil Halliwell, the director of Blueworks, said: "We take pride in ensuring the people who require transport but have no other means can at least use our flexible transport.

"To then receive the recognition from the Palace makes you think we are doing something right."

The Mail: The Friends of X112The Friends of X112 (Image: Submitted)

Drawing the attention of HRH King Charles III was made particularly special for the group as they set their sights on an upcoming anniversary milestone.

"Well done to our fantastic team of drivers and also recognising the support from The Friends of the X112," Mr Halliwell added. 

"Along with Blueworks, we are nearing our 10 year mark of going out alone to provide necessary transport in the South Lakes."

Friends of the X112 took on the responsibility to support the region following the departure of Stagecoach services.

The Mail: HRH King Charles III during his CoronationHRH King Charles III during his Coronation (Image: PA)

In the letter the group received, the Head of Royal Correspondence, James Dawson, explained that His Majesty wanted to thank them for the card they had previously sent to the Palace.

The message continued: "His Majesty greatly appreciates that you should have taken the trouble to write to him as you did, and was interested to learn a little about the Blueworks Bus Company in Ulverston.

"The King was heartened by your account of the service which the company provides, with the intention to connect isolated people with the community.

"Thank you, once again, for sending your message to The King, who has asked me to pass on his warmest wishes to you and everyone at the Blueworks Bus Company."