A new event has been announced as part of Dave Day, which will require people to put on their dancing shoes.

Barrow Bid announced "Dave's Strictly Dash" on Saturday, a coming together of people that will take place on June 8 amidst the wider celebrations of Dave Myers' life.

With people asked to arrive at 2:30pm and the event starting at 2:45pm, those involved will be honouring Myers' much lived appearance on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013.

Participants are encouraged to walk, jog or dance from Green's Pie Shop on Devon Street to the town hall, where the Mayor will be waiting to greet everyone at the finish line.

The only stipulation is that people make the most of the dress code, with clothes expected to be as sparkly as possibly.

Whilst attendance is free, donations are encouraged to be made to the two chosen charities for Dave Day.