IT was another disappointing night for the UK at Eurovision last night as Olly Alexander's 'Dizzy' earned 18th place out of 25. 

The former Years and Years frontman is undoubtedly a likeable, chart-topping pop star, yet his performance in Malmo on Saturday May 11 failed to earn a single vote from the public. 

It is now 27 years since the UK last won the contest, so perhaps it is time they tried something different. 

I think we'd all agree that Cumbria deserves its own entry, so I asked AI to create a Eurovision song dedicated to the area.

The result was 'Serenade of Cumbria' - and it's going to be stuck in my head all week.

Give it a listen below.

The tune is reminiscent of a hundred others, and the lyrics, about green hills and sheep, are hokey.

"By the stone walls where the sheep roam free," the artificial singer sings. "Lake District whispers: 'Come and find your peace'".

But it's remarkable nonetheless. A serviceable pop tune created in an instant. It certainly wouldn't be 'nil points'. And if nothing else, the rapid rise of this technology raises quite profound questions about the future of human creativity.