A business at the heart of the Lake District has announced their support for the Save Windermere campaign.

A local hair salon in Bowness, has taken a stand to support the campaign to protect England's largest lake from environmental crisis

Anna Sorbie Ltd has created a range of hair products, these exclusive shampoos and conditioners are a testament to natural beauty and a commitment to environmental conservation.

The once pristine waters of Windermere are facing a crisis due to excessively high nutrient levels and requires urgent action to restore its natural beauty.

Each product from Anna Sorbie Ltd is made from 100% natural ingredients, and is designed to protect and nourish hair while promoting sustainable self-care.

With proceeds directly supporting the Save Windermere campaign, Purchasing these eco-conscious products allows customers to contribute to the cause and move closer to a cleaner environment.

Business owner, Anna expressed her pride in the collaboration, emphasizing the salon's commitment to supporting the campaign.

The brand's eco-friendly formulas are now available for purchase on their website and at selected local retailers.

Visit Anna Sorbie Salon on Quarry Rigg, Bowness on Windermere, or check out their website at www.annasorbie.co.uk.