A cocktail bar in Ulverston has revealed their newly renovated second floor space, complete with retro arcade machines, a pool table, darts and more.

A £20,000 investment has transformed the space above Ignition Cocktail Bar into a brand new, high tech games room.

On Thursday May 9, the bar on New Market Street opened their latest venture, Level Up Games and Bytes.

Husband and wife duo, Daniele and Myles Rogerson took over the cocktail bar, formerly known as Rioja, over a year ago, and have spent the past eight weeks working on the upstairs space.

As well as arcade machines, you can play pool and try out the strength of your punch, or have a game of darts on the state-of-the-art, interactive board.

This high tech, Augmented Reality darts projects scores and take the game to another level. Up to eight people at a time can join in with a game of darts, with seven different games to choose from, while more can be bought with an upgrade.

They are also thinking of making packs of dominoes, uno and playing cards available so people can have a game at their table over a pint, and will soon welcome a basketball machine, arriving May 21, which will allow people to shoot hoops.

Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to come and check out the games room, which will be open every week from Thursday to Sunday until 9pm.

The upstairs space also features a bar and diner, which will be serving food such as nachos, burgers, wings, pizza and feel good classics like mac and cheese.

Daniele said her favourite pick from the menu is the signature BBQ pulled pork pasta bake and the spiked banana split, they are also offering boozy milkshakes for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The idea is for upstairs to function as a meeting place where you can have fun and get something to eat before moving downstairs later in the evening. The new set up means guests can stay for food and make a night of it without having to change venue.

Once it is up and running and has made some money, the profit will be reinvested to adding more games to the floor.

Daniele and Myles said: “There’s nothing at all like this around here, you have to travel out of town to find something similar. We always have to take our kids away for birthday celebrations.

“I hope it will be really popular, It’s all about getting people together and off their phones, play a game, relax, have a cocktail!

“I’m more than happy with it, I’m proud of all the little details and I’ve never seen anything like it, with all this tech, it’s future proof!

“We couldn’t have done it without the support from our staff and our three children.”