WE had a meal at one of the only four bars in the world with a champagne vending machine.

Errol’s has a feel of an urban cosmopolitan bar that you would find in Manchester or Newcastle, which in some ways differentiates it from rival outlets in Bowness.

The moody purple-pink lighting and the flowers over the bar give it a trendy Instagram appeal.

The Mail: The purple lighting with the extended glass mirrors gives it an elegant characterThe purple lighting with the extended glass mirrors gives it an elegant character (Image: Newsquest)The centrepiece of the bar is the Moet champagne vending machine, which was imported from Dubai and is one of only four in the world. It is a curiosity, although we question how much use it will get – especially when the cocktails served at the bar are high quality – more on that later.

With the launch of the new menu on May 10, we took a trip to Bowness to try what seemed to offer a very interesting food selection. 

The menu offers relaxed modern small plates designed to be shared for a good price, considering that it is located on the main street of town. They range from £5 to £24 and it is split into snacks, fish, meat, vegetable options and desserts.

The Mail: Super friendly waiters who served us in the eveningSuper friendly waiters who served us in the evening (Image: Newsquest)The waiters were very courteous and knowledgeable, and the range of drinks on offer was excellent but somewhat overwhelming with its never-ending booze list.

One of us indulged in the cocktails while the other took it steady as they had to drive. The driver enjoyed an alcohol-free wine, called ‘Gewurtzraminer Riesling, The Cautious One’ from Australia. It was very sweet, but it was still impressive and hit most of the right notes. It would suit drinkers who prefer fruity wines.

The Mail: One of Errol's signature cocktails' is the Watermelon Cooler.One of Errol's signature cocktails' is the Watermelon Cooler. (Image: Newsquest)

Unsure of what to order from the immense drinks menu, the waiter suggested one of their signature cocktails - Errol's Glamorous Fizz. This elegant cocktail with Manchester Raspeberry Gin, hisbicous, lemons and apricot white grape soda was perfectly balanced and a great start for a sophisticated evening.

We also tried the Watermelon Cooler - a tad sweeter than the first one but an amazingly presented glass with a punch of flavours.

On to the food. It should be said that the Errol’s are initially starting with small plates, transferring to full meals in about a month’s time once the chef has got a feel of what works with the customer base.

We started with olives and focaccia and bread from Kendal and Altrincham-based bakery Lovingly Artisan. The bakers regularly receive awards for their bread, and it is easy to see why. With bread that’s this quality, every mouthful is joyous, both the texture and the taste are sublime.

The Mail: Smoked aubergine dishSmoked aubergine dish (Image: Newsquest)

Errol's would not be the first choice for a vegan as the food options are not that many. As we wanted something a bit more filling than a seasonal mixed vegetable plate we opted for the only vegan option - the smoked aubergine with tofu, sesame and tahini herb salad. It was tasty but it did not blow our minds.

It needed a more pungent taste to elevate the dish to the next level. It is clear that the chefs know what they are doing so it would be interesting to see this plate more flavourful and appealing next time.The Mail: Lamb with whipped feta, toasted almonds and purple sprouting brocolliLamb with whipped feta, toasted almonds and purple sprouting brocolli (Image: Newsquest)After that, we had lamb with whipped feta, toasted almonds and purple sprouting broccoli, and the lamb was obviously a high-quality cut of meat, with it melting away in the mouth with every bite.

The whipped feta created a sauce which added extra texture and interest to the dish, and the broccoli nicely balanced out the plate. However, the food was salty, even given the combination of red meat and cheese, which was too dominating to really enjoy the flavours on offer. At £15 for a small plate, it was acceptable, but it could have been better.  

Errol’s is a welcome addition to the ever-growing service and hospitality industry in Bowness. With tourism being such a key part of the village’s economy, it will certainly suit the needs of young to middle-aged couples on a getaway wanting a night out – and the food menu will become more established as time goes on.

All in all, we had a pleasant evening in somewhere that adds a bit of trendiness to the Lakes