A tourist has slammed one of the "Lake District's best-kept secrets" as "woefully underwhelming".

Not only did they take aim at the appearance of Cathedral Cave, but they also criticised the parking. No, we're not making this up.

Cathedral Cave in Little Langdale is one of the most impressive parts of Cumbria which attracts scores of tourists all year round.

However, you can't please everyone. 

Just last Christmas, a reviewer said: "Woefully underwhelming. These are just caves. Parking lot was full. Lavatories were unusably filthy. Not worthwhile visiting."

Not worthwhile visiting? Well...

Another reviewer who visited recently completely disagreed: "This cave was an incredible example of how small nature can make you feel. Spectacular is an understatement. I would recommend this if you are the sort of person who likes a taste of danger in the form of feeling a little unsteady on your feet.

"There are areas that are fairly easily accessible but equally there are some areas that take a lot of dexterity and gusto to get to. All in all this cave is absolutely worth a visit!"

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What is Cathedral Quarry?

Cathedral Quarry is a small network of inter-linked quarries above Little Langdale. The system is best known for its main chamber, which still stands forty feet in height, and is lit by two windows off the main quarry.

They are frequently referred to as Cathedral “Cave” and one of the "Lake District's best-kept secrets".

The cave’s impressive nature is further enhanced by a rocky outcrop taking centre stage in the chamber, serving as a pillar in the middle of the structure.

Cathedral Cave is well-lit, with two ‘windows’ taking shape in its slate walls, flooding the cavern with natural light.