RESTAURANT bosses say they have been forced to increase prices to deal with a 'ridiculous' rise in their bills.

The owners of Da Vinci Ristorante, in Millom's Market Square, took to social media share the news.

They said: "As you all know, we always keep our prices as low as we possibly can for you all.

"However with constant rising supplier costs, along with ridiculous price increases in our general bills, there does have to come a time that we have to increase our prices.

"We don’t like to increase our prices but needs must and we hope you all understand."

The changes will be put in place from Thursday May 9, with their 'Fiesta menu' rising to £25.95 instead of £24.95.

Customers reacting to the news were quick to reassure the Da Vinci team that the prices still represented 'super' value for money.