The final episode of a series focusing on rescue teams in the Lake District aired this week.

Lake District Rescue premiered on More4 last month, with the last episode of the four-part programme coming on Sunday, April 28.

The show became the first to follow the mountain teams during their call-outs, utilising body cam and drone footage to showcase their work like never before.

As the narrator explained: "All over the Lake District, the rush of summer visitors can lead to casualties needing to be rescued by the mountain teams.

"Around 60% of these call outs are avoidable, with people getting lost, dehydrated, or injured."

The episode followed the team in Keswick a person was reported as missing following a solo ascent on Ashness Gill.

The Mail: The 71-year-old was stuck on an outcrop with a 30-foot dropThe 71-year-old was stuck on an outcrop with a 30-foot drop (Image: Channel Four)

Described as one of the most treacherous ravines in the Lakes, viewers got to watch the band of volunteers eventually help the 71-year-old man who had fallen and severely injured his head.

Following his rescue, the man said: "They didn't know me but they came out and helped me.

"They are volunteers, they aren't paid - they are doing it in their own time out of the goodness of their hearts."

The Mail: The fallen man suffered severe injuries to his head and armsThe fallen man suffered severe injuries to his head and arms (Image: Channel Four)

In Wasdale, a crashed cyclist on Hardknott Pass presented a tricky incident, with the person involved feared to have broken their neck.

The readiness of the teams to drop everything in the hope of helping someone was on full display, as one volunteer described.

They commented: "As soon as that call comes in, you are there - you want to help someone, you want to go, you want to say yes whether it is just someone lost or someone who has broken an limb or an arm."

The Mail: Wasdale MRT reaching the injured cyclist on Hardknott PassWasdale MRT reaching the injured cyclist on Hardknott Pass (Image: Channel Four)

Three stranded walkers, along with a dog, also saw Wasdale MRT called into action, although the group were able to free themselves before the arrival of the team.

Over in Coniston, a collapsed runner during a local marathon was used to show the care that goes into helping strangers.

One rescuer said: "I think the important thing when we encounter people on the fells is that we always try to consider from their perspective how they would like to be treated."

You can catch all episodes of Lake District Rescue on All4.