A man from Ulverston has smashed his fundraising goal ahead of his upcoming World Record attempt.

Andy Allan will be attempting the most weight lifted by kettlebell clean and press in one hour on May 18 at Cumbria Strength and Conditioning gym in Dalton.

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All the money will be going to St Mary's Hospice after they cared for his mum, Sue, earlier this year.

The event is open to the public, and anyone is welcome, with the attempt starting at 10:30am.

The Mail: Andy's mum, Sue, who is the inspiration behind the fundraiserAndy's mum, Sue, who is the inspiration behind the fundraiser (Image: Andy Allan)

Andy said: "I'm totally dedicated to doing this world record - I'm nervous I won't do it, but I still think I will do it and I'll certainly give it everything I can on the day.

"I think back to what my mum went through and what others who go to hospice have been through, and what I'm doing is nothing compared to that."

The current record is an accumulative weight of 16,040 kg - the weight of four hippos - and is the target that Andrew has set his sights on.

He originally set a goal of £1,500 but, at the time of writing, donations stood at a staggering £6,687, giving Andy further inspiration to go full steam ahead later this month.

Even recent injuries will not be enough to stop him from giving it his best shot.

"I've got to bend my back about 700 times with a 24kg kettlebell, so having a bad back isn't ideal so I've just got to train really smart now," Andy explained.

"The injuries aren't actually stopping me from training, but it has put me out of the Cumbria Strength Hybrid Games which I'm gutted about - maybe that's a good thing because I could have got injured doing that, and my absolute priority is this world record."

You still have time to donate to Andy's fundraising page here.

Andy has a team of close supporters who are helping to make arrangements for the day, so that he can just focus on the kettlebell challenge.

His brother, Phil, is making sure all of the requirements are in place to ensure that, if Andy can achieve his goal, it will go down as an official Guinness World Record.

Andy added: “Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far, each donation has spurred me on that little bit more in each training session.

"I hope I can do everyone proud.”