Auction House Cumbria's recent auction event on April 4th proved to be a resounding success, highlighting the robustness of the region's property market. Held at The Halston, Carlisle. The event boasted an impressive 97% sales rate, culminating in a remarkable total of over £4 million. The results underscore the thriving nature of the local property scene and signal promising prospects for investors seeking lucrative opportunities.

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming event scheduled for May 30th, Auction House Cumbria is poised to offer properties that cater to a diverse audience, including seasoned investors and individual end users. From properties in the Lake District to homes in Carlisle's neighbourhoods, May's auction promises an array of high-potential investments and properties that appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers.

With guidance from Auction House Cumbria's expert team, newcomers to the auction market can navigate the auction process with confidence, gaining access to properties that may have previously not been considered.

The sustained demand for rental properties in the region positions auction sales as an expedient and valuable avenue for property divestment. Auction House Cumbria's track record of success underscores this. They offer sellers favourable guide prices and fast transaction timelines, ensuring swift and seamless completions.

For those keen on seizing the opportunity to divest, Auction House Cumbrian is still listing properties for the May auction; please contact them at 01228 510522 or email 

For the rest of the year, the upcoming auction dates in 2024 are Thursday, May 30th; Thursday, July 18th; Thursday, September 5th; Thursday, October 24th; and Thursday, December 12th.