'THE most ridiculous bingo show in the world' is coming to Millom this weekend - and tickets are still available. 

Nigella the Gorilla will be in attendance at The Ultimate Rave Bingo on a mobility scooter. The bingo night mascot made the national papers in 2020 when a member of the public in Barrow called the police thinking that Nigella was a real gorilla on the loose. 

The night, which will be at The Beggar's Theatre in Millom on Saturday, promises 'the best night ever' with DJs playing power ballads and dance bangers, and 'hilarious' hosts with adult language and theming. 

The billing states: "Stop spending your weekends scrolling on the internet, wishing you could wear that fancy outfit.

"Buy it, and then come and spill Prosecco all over it while laughing your eyeballs out and dancing on the benches at The Ultimate Rave Bingo."

Tickets are £16 and there are reserved tables of eight including one bottle of prosecco available for £120.