10 pubs in the Lake District are currently offering 'the perfect place' for dogs and their owners.

As we approach the warmer months, Brits tend to venture out more and more into the countryside to enjoy the weather with their best friend tagging along.

After a long walk, nothing is more refreshing than stopping at a pub on the way home. However, some pubs don't allow dogs inside due to safety concerns or health reasons.

That said...not all.

The Inn Collection Group has inns in handpicked coastal, country, town, and city locations - and in The Lake District, there are 10, in the likes of Windermere, Ambleside and Bassenthwaite.

All locations provide instant access to walks, activities and other fun things to do while holidaying with your pup.

The 10 dog-friendly Inn Collection Group Lake District hotels:

  • The Angel Inn - Bowness-on-Windermere
  • The Waterhead Inn - Ambleside
  • The Ambleside Inn - Ambleside
  • The Pheasant Inn - Bassenthwaite
  • The Temperance Inn - Ambleside
  • Wordsworth Hotel - Grasmere
  • The Wateredge Inn - Ambleside
  • The Swan - Grasmere
  • The Coniston Inn - Coniston 
  • The Ullswater Inn - Glenridding

The Inn Collection Group offers a dog menu in partnership with Sir Woofchester’s. On it, pups can find treat pots made up of Bark Burgers, Bark Bangers, and a Sunday Roast of lamb and mint bones.

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It also features dog bowls, which include a proper Roast Dinner with all of the trimmings - a chicken drumstick chew, sausage, and peas and carrots on a bed of chicken and potato dog food, plus fish and chips - dried sprats, sweet potato fries and peas on a bed of salmon and trout dog food.

The bespoke menu even includes dog drinks, like the chicken-flavoured Bark Brew Dog Beer, which can be enjoyed on its own or poured over dry food. 

“It was nice to see a hotel that was dog-friendly and mean it"

Dog owner Harriet Tuite recently travelled to The Inn Collection Group’s Coniston Inn, with her dog Wilson. 

She praised the experience: “Dog sitters can come to between £30-£50 a day, and since Wilson is quite anxious, I wouldn’t want to put him in kennels. Because of this, I've never been able to go away without feeling like I'm inconveniencing friends and family, and as we were visiting the countryside it would have felt so unfair on Wilson - it’s the perfect place for a dog.

“It was nice to see a hotel that was dog-friendly and mean it, a lot of places say they’re dog-friendly, and then turn their nose up. Dogs were welcome in the lobby, restaurant and bar so we didn’t have to leave him in the room.

“There were also dog treats and water bowls everywhere, the waiter even gave him (Wilson) some leftover sausages, which was such a lovely gesture, it made the trip for us. 

“Our hotel had a huge, enclosed grass area that was away from busy roads, which meant all the dogs could enjoy the sunny weather and have a runaround, so we could kick back and relax with no concerns at all.

"The trip was the highlight of the year, especially because it meant that myself, my boyfriend and my dog could all go away and enjoy the holiday together. I would recommend it.”