A documentary focusing on the Lake District's rescue teams has shed yet more light on the work they do.

The third episode of Lake District Rescue, which aired on More4 on Sunday, saw body cam and drone footage give an exclusive insight into how the teams tackle various situations.

The episode provided a view of how rescue teams cope with the moments when they are unable to save a person's life.

As one volunteer said: "Unfortunately, we do have a number of people who die in the hills doing what they love each year."

In Coniston, the team were initially called out in response to an missing person in Hodge Close Quarry, a flooded ancient slate quarry that is said to hold Britain's 'scariest cave'.

The team leader Janice Hamilton explained: "If somebody is missing, whether it's on the fells or in the caves and mines, it's always a worry."

The Mail: Team leader Janice's view in the cave system, with water coming up to her kneesTeam leader Janice's view in the cave system, with water coming up to her knees (Image: Channel Four)

It was Janice, working in partnership with the Lake District Mine Rescue Unit, who was tasked with entering the cave network herself in the hope of locating the missing man.

"I was a bit concerned because very soon, the water was above my knees and I was thinking 'am I going to perhaps come across a body in the water'?"

Thankfully, following 16 rescuers working across three square miles, the person was eventually found after simply exploring another quarry, having no idea that the mission was in full flow.

The Coniston team were also shown to be helping a crashed paraglider, who lost control while in the air following turbulence over Great How Crag.

The Mail: The first sighting of the injured paragliderThe first sighting of the injured paraglider (Image: Channel Four)

Suffering what could have been life-altering injuries, the paraglider commented: "I don't really remember the last few seconds - I had some pain in my neck and I couldn't raise my head.

"I have suffered a loss of strength in my arms and it may not come back."

The Mail: Keswick volunteers navigating the tricky terrain to reach their targetKeswick volunteers navigating the tricky terrain to reach their target (Image: Channel Four)

Over in Keswick, a 68-year-old man was helped back to safety after falling ill, having previously suffered a stroke six months prior. 

The incident was used by the rescue team to describe how it is always the best option to call for their service if unsure about a situation.

And, in Wasdale, a stuck climber on Crag Fast was the subject of a daring rescue, with volunteers also having to battle the changing weather conditions.

The Mail: The stuck climber in Wasdale was spotted via droneThe stuck climber in Wasdale was spotted via drone (Image: Channel Four)

One team member explained: "When you are up there on your own, many many hundreds of metres above the valley bottom where you can see people, you are terrified."

The Mail: Footage of the Wasdale MRT getting the climber to safetyFootage of the Wasdale MRT getting the climber to safety (Image: Channel Four)

The use of a drone helped the team eventually locate the climber before assisting him back to the top of the cliff face.

You can catch up with Lake District Rescue on All4 and watch the final episode this Sunday on More4.