Premier Inn are the latest hotel chain to face scrutiny over the cost of their rooms for Dave Day.

On June 8, thousands of people will be travelling to Cumbria to celebrate the life of Dave Myers, the well loved TV personality who died earlier this year.

The unusually large increase in visitors over that particular weekend has led to a number of hotels in the area being fully booked, which has subsequently stoked the fight for tourists to find suitable accommodation.

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The Premier Inn branch in Barrow is one of the establishments that no longer has any available rooms on June 8, with the next nearest site being found in Ulverston.

On June 6, a standard room can be booked for one adult at a rate of £60 for one night, increasing to £82 for the 'flex' option.

In contrast, the same room on the Saturday is roughly £100 more expensive, priced at £162 or £178 for the 'flex' rate.

A spokesperson from Premier Inn commented: "In common with the industry – and wider industry such as airlines – we operate dynamic pricing which means prices can change daily – there’s no one set price for a hotel room.  

"This is totally standard industry practise – most hotel and travel companies adopt it and it helps protect year-round value for guests.

"As people would rightly expect of the UK’s best loved budget hotel brand our prices are always extremely competitive."

One of its main budget competitors, Travelodge, has also faced complaints after their prices increased by £190.

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The Premier Inn spokesperson added: "In general terms, we encourage people to book direct online – as early as they are able - and choose the rate that’s right for them.

"Rates include Flex, which is cancellable up until 1pm on the day of arrival – this helps book in advance with the ability to cancel if things shift nearer the time.

"It is also worth noting that guests can choose to pay on arrival as opposed to in advance, unlike some competitors, giving more flexibility to plan."