Corrie and Co have been named as the best estate agents in Barrow.

The business serves the rest of Furness and south Cumbria though it was the Barrow branch that earned itself the plaudits on Monday.

It is the second year in a row that the branch has been given the recognition at the British Property Awards.

A spokesperson from Corrie and Co said the award was 'testimony to their professionalism and service to clients'.

The British Property Awards were created by a team of previous estate agency owners who believe that the industry is 'unfairly judged by some consumers'.

They believe that agents who provide a 'fantastic service and go the extra mile' for their clients should be rewarded and highlighted for their endeavours.

A set of 25 criteria are used to asses each agency, with these standards needing to be met over a period of time to ensure continuity and stability.