Two like-minded businesses in Cumbria have teamed up to create a unique, new flavour explosion.

Lovingly Artisan, who have been crafting breads and bakes since the 1980’s has joined forces with The Milking Parlour, a Cow to Cone ice cream maker.

The Milking Parlour is a small batch producer of authentic Italian gelato, made using produce from their family farm.

Husband-and-wife team Ed and Sarah Beattie, established The Milking Parlour in 2018, taking their background in hospitality to showcase fresh, organic milk.

On the family farm, Sarah's dad, uncle and brother, milk the herd of 150 Holstein Friesian cows twice a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

The couple love testing out new and creative flavours, priding themselves on using only the finest quality produce available.

Multi-award winning Lovingly Artisan Bakery is co-owned by Aidan and Catherine, who share Ed and Sarah’s artisanal approach to produce.

Everyone put their heads together to come up with a new and interesting ice cream innovation incorporating their sourdough - 'Buttered Toast Gelato' was the result.

Catherine Connor, co-owner of Lovingly Artisan Bakery said: ‘’Ed, Sarah and I have a similar approach to business, so it seemed fairly natural for us to look at working together. The Idea of a buttered sourdough toast ice cream really appealed, and it quickly became apparent that Ed and Sarah had hit on a perfect flavour combination. We’ve already been chatting about one or two other possible flavoursome combinations, which we’ll keep up our sleeves for the time being.’’

To make this gelato flavour Ed and Sarah crumb Lovingly Artisan’s Malted Barley Sourdough, toast it in salted butter until it turns crisp and golden brown, then whisk the toasted crumb into their signature pure milk gelato base.

The result is described as a ‘gorgeously rich gelato, which is sweet with a buttery savoury twist that's so moreish that you can’t help but end up wanting more’.

Lovingly Artisan Buttered Toast Gelato is now available at The Milking Parlour in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, and Clitheroe, in the Ribble Valley. It can be enjoyed by the cone, tub or in a take away pint or litre box.

Sarah Beattie, co-founder of The Milking Parlour said: ‘’We change our flavour range seasonally, which is one of the reasons we wanted to look at some other local companies to work with. As we all know there are lots of great food producers in Cumbria, but in this instance, we wanted to work with a company that shares a similar ethos to our own, not only that also just happens to be one of the best at what they do. So, we approached Aidan and Catherine to see if there might be an opportunity to work together and incorporate some of their amazing sourdough into one of our ice creams to produce a distinctive and very different flavour. I’m pleased to say the collaboration certainly seems to be paying off with people lapping up Buttered Toast Gelato.’’