A WALKER who suffered a 'freak accident' on top of one of the Lake Districts most famous peaks has expressed his gratitude to the emergency teams who turned up to save him after he broke his tibia.

Daniel Milligan, 33, was visiting the Lake District with his wife and had just conquered Helvellyn and was making his way back down when he slipped on an innocuously flat path and broke his tibia.

He said: “As I tried to stabilise myself, I heard a loud snap and extreme pain and I started to go in and out of consciousness. When I came around, I told my wife to bandage my leg, intending for us to walk down the hill.

"However, my leg couldn’t hold me when I attempted to stand. At this moment I realised I was in shock due to impaired judgement. I instructed my wife to place me in my sleeping bag and call for help.”

Daniel’s wife dialled 999 and due to the remote location of the incident, both the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) and Keswick Mountain Rescue Team (KMRT) were activated to the scene.

The helicopter from GNAAS landed on Brown Crag while the mountain rescue team made their way up the hill towards White Side where Daniel had fallen.

He said: “I was in my sleeping bag looking as they landed and felt a lot of relief. The team was exceptional in providing reassurance and swiftly attending to my needs. They assessed the injury, secured me in a splint, and just as they finished, the mountain rescue team arrived to transport me to the helicopter.”

To help manage the pain, the doctor and paramedic from GNAAS provided Daniel with morphine and they worked alongside KMRT to place him on a stretcher and carry him to the helicopter.

He said: “The guys were absolutely great. So professional but still jovial and they make you feel in safe hands. There was no way I was walking off that hill, I was in a sticky spot and without them it could have gone south real quick.”

Daniel, who lives in London, was flown to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle in 13 minutes where he received further treatment for his leg, including surgery and having a cast put on.

He added: “You never think it’s going to happen to you, it was a bit of a freak accident. I’ve done a lot of wild camping and I’m reasonably experienced but when it went wrong you realise how vulnerable you can be, without them things could have gone from bad to worse. It’s hard to express your gratitude when you’re in a tight spot like that and they show up and help you.”