Kailpot Crag in the Lake District has been unveiled as the UK’s top wild swimming spot for 2024, according to new research. 

This nod for Ullswater comes after analysis carried out by South Western Railway to identify the top 10 wild swimming spots in the UK, revealing the most sought-after locations for the increasing trend in ‘wild swimming’. 

The research analysed reviews from some of the best wild swimming spots in the UK, scoring each one out of 100. 

Reviews for each location were given a sentiment score for swim quality and then scenic quality, these were then used to create an overall wild swimming score out of a 100. 

Kailpot Crag's wild swimming score stood at 95. 

Buttermere also came in at number six on the list. 

Top five: 

1. Kailpot Crag, Lake District National Park

2. Nolton Haven Beach, Haverfordwest in Wales

3. Vobster Quay, Somerset

4. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye in Scotland

5. Devil’s Point Tidal Pool, Plymouth

6. Buttermere, Lake District National Park 

7.  The Valley of Desolation , Yorkshire Dales

8. Swanage Beach, Dorset

9.Hopeman East Beach & Bay, Elgin, Scotland

10.  Blue Lagoon, Abermawr, Wales 

Although wild swimming is a fun experience, it is really important to stay safe when swimming in the open water.

The shock of cold water can make swimming difficult and make it more difficult to get out of the water. 

Some things to consider before taking the plunge: 

  • A lack of safety equipment can make a rescue more difficult
  • The depth of the water can be unpredictable
  • Underwater objects and hazards which may not be visible
  • Obstacles or other people in the water
  • Strong currents which can rapidly sweep people away
  • Uneven banks and riverbeds
  • Water quality, e.g., toxic algal blooms and industrial/agricultural pollution