A COMMUNITY group fears it will not be able to find a new place to gather after the temporary closure of the market hall.

Barrow Market Makers, run by Paulyn Mccabe and Brenda McKenna, is a free craft group where members can knit, natter and raise money for charity.

The group, which has been established in the market for around six years, meets every Wednesday and Friday morning between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

However, the group members are worried about their future following the announcement of the temporary closure of Barrow Market.

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Traders are set to relocate to a temporary location following asbestos concerns raised by businesses.

"We are not sure where we are going to go when we come out of the market," explained Paulyn.

"I do not know what we are going to do when the market shuts because we won't have that same walk-in.

"They are going to try and find a group for us to go but it won't be quite the same.

"One of our ladies has already said that she will clean her garage out so we could sit in her garden. 

"We have had a look to find a place but it is just difficult - there are lots of knitting groups in town."

The group is not just for people who are willing to learn how to knit but for those who are looking for someone to talk to.

Paulyn said: "People will say they come to learn, but to be honest we do not knit quite a lot when we are there - a lot of it is just the social aspect of it."

The new market will be created in two substantial vacant units near The Mall facing onto Dalton Road.

Traders were given the opportunity to relocate to the newly refurbished area of the market. Any traders that did not wish to be relocated are set to be compensated.

The regeneration works are part of a £17.5 million Levelling Up Fund scheme to 'reinvigorate the building'.