The Mail has once again put a handy guide together so that you can find the best petrol deals this week.

Searching for the best price when it comes to filling up the car is more vital than ever so, with that in mind, these are the 10 cheapest spots across Barrow and Furness.

~1. Asda, Barrow

Price: 146.7p

~1. Morrisons, Barrow

Price: 146.7p

~1. Gulf, Ulverston

Price: 146.7p

4. Gulf, Kirkby-in-Furness

Price: 146.8p

~5. Tesco Extra, Barrow

Price: 147.9p

~5. Shell, Ulverston

Price: 147.9p

~5. BP, Ulverston

Price: 147.9p

8. Shell, Millom

Price: 148.9p

9. Shell, Barrow

Price: 151.9p

10. Essar, Askam*

Price (super unleaded): 160.9p

*No Reading available