A MODEL builder received tips on how to construct his own miniature version of a Barrow-built submarine - from the Royal Navy.

The hobbyist filed an information request to the Ministry of Defence asking for help on how to decorate the boat as it would look during service.

Naval staff eventually wrote back to provide a helping hand.

In a freedom of information request sent to the MoD, the model builder said: "I am in the process of building a 1:350 scale model of HMS ASTUTE from a kit.

"The instructions for the decals indicate striped running around the ship but I have
only seen them in photos on the ship before its launch.

"As I am trying to produce the ship as it looks once in service, I am unsure if I should include or omit the lines.

"I have included the image of the instructions so you can see what I am specifically
enquiring about.

"These would be the vertical red, white and blue lines on the hull, as well as the dashed horizontal white and yellow lines on the hull.

"Any advice would be appreciated. I want to be sure I'm building the display model correctly and appreciate any assistance you can provide in allowing me to more accurately apply details to this model."

Surprisingly, an official at the Navy Command Secretariat responded, saying: "In response to your request, I can confirm that lines detailed in your request in relation to HMS Astute stay on the hull after build."

Details of the unusual request and response came to light as part of MoD transparency releases.

The Astute class boats are the largest and most advanced attack submarines ever built for the Royal Navy.

HMS Astute was laid down at BAE's Barrow shipyard on January 312001, 100 years to the day after the keel was laid down for the Royal Navy's first submarine Holland 1.

It was launched in June 2007 by the then Duchess of Cornwall, before leaving to be station at the Faslane naval base in Scotland.