Barrow Raiders have handed out a warning to residents near the rugby club ahead of two concerts in June.

The Raiders will be hosting a tribute event in honour of Dave Myers, the beloved TV personality and Hairy Biker, on June 8.

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On Sunday, June 16, the club will also be holding a Music Festival Day at the Northern Competitions Stadium ahead of England's game against Serbia at Euro 2024.

Club chairman Steve Neale has sent a letter to local homeowners about how these events will impact them on the day.

He said: "These are two of only four event days where we are permitted to have the noise levels louder than normal but still at a capped level.

"We are expecting large attendances for both events but we have controls in place to minimise disturbance."

'Dave Day' is expected to run between 2pm and 11pm whilst the music festival will start at the same time but end at 10pm.

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"Barrow Raiders are committed to providing entertainment and events to improve our town of Barrow-in-Furness, but we understand that this does not come at the expense of our neighbours’ wellbeing," said Mr Neale.

"We will have a sound engineer on site with a mixing desk who will have overall control of the sound levels - we have musical acts, but this will ensure that they cannot go above designated volume levels."

Noise will be monitored and recorded with average decibel readings taken every hour during the events.

Mr Neale added: "We have been working with Barrow Council to ensure that we don’t cause nuisance, especially due to noise.

"SIA security staff will be in place that will ensure that nobody enters who is intoxicated and ID checks will be taken at the entrance - nobody will be served alcohol if we deem that they have had too much to drink, and we have zero tolerance to disorder."

To ensure no customers enter the residential area, only the entrance and exit to the retail park will be used.

"When leaving the event our security team will ensure that customers are quickly dispersed from the area, and we will inform local taxi companies that they may attract trade by being situated in the retail park," added Mr Neale.

"With the relatively early finish, compared to all the other establishments that are open, we expect our customers to naturally head to the town centre if they are not going home or to hotels."