A business is looking to the next generation to keep their traditional industry alive.

Cumbria Crystal focuses their work on the art of glassblowing in their home in Ulverston.

The company is one of the only remaining English manufacturers of hand-blown and hand-cut lead crystal, with products featured in James Bond and Downton Abbey.

They are now asking for school leavers to consider joining their team.

Bosses said: "Glassblowing dates back nearly 2,000 years to the Roman era - lead crystal was invented in England and, at one point, hundreds of glass factories blew and cut crystal for the whole world.

"Glassblowing is now one of the most endangered crafts in Britain and Cumbria Crystal is the last factory where it is still done the traditional way."

They explained the opportunity to join their team and industry was a 'rare' one and not to be missed.

"It takes many years to train a production glassblower - historically, young apprentices started learning the craft around seven or eight years old," said bosses.

The Mail: Ulverston-based Cumbria Crystal has been showcased extensively in the Downton Abbey series since it first aired in 2010Ulverston-based Cumbria Crystal has been showcased extensively in the Downton Abbey series since it first aired in 2010 (Image: UGC)

"An opportunity such as this is rare, probably available in England once every 10 years - it is ideal for someone who is creative, sets standards for themselves, appreciates craftsmanship and precision, and who would like to learn glassmaking from some of the best craftsmen in the country."

Cumbria Crystal currently employs 23 people and has five glassblowers working in two teams, with three glass cutters carving the crystal after it is blown.

They are looking for people aged 16 or 17, specifically those who are creative, practical and hard-working.

All training will be delivered in-house by the glassblowing team at their site in Ulverston.

No previous experience is necessary and academic qualifications are 'not important'.

They added: "A passion for creative processes and the material is essential, as is a willingness to undertake the creative process repeatedly, with finesse, enthusiasm and care."

If you think you are the perfect candidate for the role, you can send a brief letter to chris.blade@cumbriacrystal.com outlining why you would be a good addition to the team.