MOUNTAIN rescuers have put out a fresh appeal for donations after featuring on the first episode of a More4 documentary 'Lake District Rescue.' 

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team said that they 'hoped everyone enjoyed' the first episode of the show on Sunday night, and there are three more to go.

The show involves team members wearing body cams, so viewers get a first-hand experience of a callout. The first episode is on All 4. 

A spokesperson from the team said that there is a 'significant need' for a larger Wasdale team to spread the callout load as they are outgrowing the capacity of their base. They pointed out that team needs a larger car park, and they want to convert the current base into a garage to accommodate for their vehicles. To do this, Wasdale MRT need to raise £100,000 this year above their annual operating costs. 

"Thanks to the work of our wonderful volunteer fundraisers, we already have half this amount," they said. "But we are finding it tough to raise the remaining £50,000. If you can help then please make a contribution."

The team works as volunteers seven days a week and 365 days a year. 

LINK to the fundraiser.