A play adapted for stage by Have I Got News For You's Ian Hislop and Spitting Image's Nick Newman is set to be performed at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston

Taken from the 2008 film A Bunch of Amateurs, the laugh-out-loud comedy is stuffed with memorable characters and hilarious dialogue as the two extremities of the thespian world collide head-on.

Fading Hollywood action movie hero Jefferson Steele (played by Chris Barron) seeks to rescue his ebbing career after his agent lands him a gig playing King Lear in 'Stratford'.

He expects to meet Judi Dench and Maggie Smith however it turns out to be the wrong Stratford and the hapless star finds himself in a village hall with the local am-dram society.

Trouble is in store as the unassuming locals clash with the massive ego, tantrums and lofty expectations of the petulant diva from Tinseltown.

Steele's daughter Jessica is played by Mailis Dubois.

The play produced by Ulverston Outsiders runs from Tuesday April 9 until Friday April 12 at the Coronation Hall.

Tickets can be booked at the Coro's website.