HERE is how you can hunt for shark egg cases and learn how to identify them at this beach-side event.

The Eggcase Hunt is taking place in Walney on Saturday, April 20 between 1pm and 3pm organised by The Bay.

Attendees will meet at the Round House Hub and Café where they will be shown shark eggcases from different species.

There will then be a 5-minute walk to the beach where, with the help of guides, people will search for shark eggcases on the shore. 

A spokesperson for the event said: "The Irish sea is home to lots of shark species – but don’t worry, they’re all harmless. In fact, the sharks need our help. They are facing various threats, from marine litter to abandoned fishing gear. One of the ways we can help shark species is to monitor their numbers by counting shark eggs.

"Lots of shark species lay eggs. When the pup (baby shark) hatches, the eggcase often washes up on the beach. By finding and recording these eggcases and submitting the data to the Shark Trust, we can help monitor shark numbers."

This event is suitable for all ages and no prior knowledge is required.

To book your place visit the website here.