Fascinating photos contained within the Sankey online archive show how ordinary residential streets in Barrow used to look in the early 20th century.

The Sankeys were a father and son duo who documented life in Barrow and wider South Cumbria over 70 years.

Among their extensive collection are plenty of photos of street scenes which can be compared to today's modern day streets

This selection of ten photographs shows just how much life has changed with many children seen playing in the street.

Two children are pictured literally laying in the road in Norfolk Street where the threat of cars was nowhere as great as it is today.

Many horse and carts are pictured with one shown in the exact same spot that a motorbike was captured on Google images in Kent Street.

Manure in the middle of the road also appeared to be an unsightly problem in the early 20th century, as seen on Harrogate Street.

There are plenty of shopkeepers in aprons with one card shop pictured in Norfolk Street that no longer exists - and now appears to be a house.

A shop Baldwin Street is also shown advertising Fry's Cocoa that is also someone's home.

Women in pinafores can be seen with one woman hanging her washing on Harrogate Street.

Hogue Street appears to be very busy lots of children all posing for the camera outside. The owner of the Co-operative shop can be seen posting outside.

Among the children in King Alfred Street an older boy is pictured wearing wooden skates.

Many families have pet dogs such as the Dalmation pictured in Vengeance Street in Walney.

A boy stands next to an electricity box on the aptly named Powerful Street and a man in a bowler hat can be seen entering a home on Lord Roberts

Old fashioned prams and bicycles are also a common feature in the street scenes.

The roads themselves appear to be much wider as many people didn't have their own front gardens.

Buildings were also a lot less colourful as people didn't tend to paint or decorate their own homes to the extent we do in modern times.

Anyone wanting to use the Sankey photos in a book, online or in an exhibition needs to ask permission to use the photos from Cumbria Archives and there may be a charge.

Downloading images for personal use is OK. The full details on copyright are here: https://www.sankeyphotoarchive.uk/contact/.