People in the Lake District will get to learn over the weekend how their own DNA can prevent boat-related crimes.

Officers and Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from the Ambleside division of the South Lakes Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) will be hosting a public information session on Saturday, April 6.

This will take place at The Boating Centre in Coniston between noon and 3pm as they respond to growing public concerns impacting the area.

A spokesperson from South Lakes NPT said: "We are looking to meet with local boat and lake users to discuss any concerns you might have about crime on and around Coniston Water and share with you some of our plans for 2024."

The session is the latest installment of Operation Headway, a police crackdown on the theft of boats and related equipment.

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"This [Operation Headway] is not only about investigating offences that have occurred but also demonstrating our commitment to work with local partners to pro-actively combat this type of crime and bring offenders to justice."

The public meeting is therefore acting as the most recent example of police officers looking to utilise 'local partners' to help clamp down on these specific crimes.

The session on Saturday will place a key focus on the use of DNA in preventing thefts, encouraging locals to get first hand experience of this in action.

The NPT explained: "As part of a joint crime prevention project with PCC's Office, the Rawdon-Smith Trust, the LDNPA and Coniston Sailing Club, we are looking to identify and work with boat owners who would be interested in having their property marked with Selecta DNA products."

Each Selecta DNA Property Marking Kit contains a unique DNA code which can be applied on up to 50 items of property.

"This dries clear but leaves a unique UV marker which lasts up to five years, even outdoors.

"The unique microdots in each product allow police to identify stolen property, convict thieves and return property to its rightful owners.

"These microdots are so small they can even be hidden in scratches in plastic and other surfaces."

These Selecta DNA products will be available free of charge, with the NPT asking for people to message them via their Facebook page if interested in taking part.