L'Enclume is a staple restaurant in the Lake District that has been hitting headlines for all the right reasons over the past few months.

From mentions in The Times and The Telegraph to retaining its three Michelin Stars, chef Simon Rogan must be on cloud nine.

But did you know the restaurant made an infamous appearance back in 2010's The Trip? 

Starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictional versions of themselves, the duo explored restaurants in the Lake District before naturally landing at one of Cumbria's prized gems, L'Enclume.

The pair are presented with a green-hued liquor for their appetiser and what follows is perhaps one of the most memorable moments in the entire season.

"Umm (Coogan after a taste). The consistency you see, is a bit like snot, but, it tastes great."

After the comparisons to snot had ceased, Ray Winstone came out of nowhere.

Brydon said: "Imagine Ray Winstone, has coughed it up."

After several cigarette-induced coughs between the pair, Coogan replied in character as Winstone threatening Brydon as if he was the victim: "Drink it."

"I don't wanna drink it Ray, I don't wanna drink it," he replied.

Unrelenting, Coogan repeats: "Drink it."

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"Please don't Ray, please don't make me drink it I don't wanna drink it", Brydon pleaded.

"I'm fed up of your excuses," Coogan says menacingly, "I want the money next Wednesday but before that, you're gonna drink a goblet of, my sputum."

Brydon then pretends to force the 'sputum' down his gullet as Coogan mutters softly: "That's it, drink it nice and slow.".

Watch The Trip, Season 1 Episode 2. Featuring: Rob Brydon (Rob) & Steve Coogan (Steve) on BBC iPlayer.