Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Club have finally hit their massive fundraising goal after months of work.

The club announced on Saturday that it had reached the target of £33,228 which will allow them to replace the 'dated' lighting system at the ground.

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The project has been organised by John Ladell and Gareth Gore, who are currently the coaches for the under-14 and under-15 sides respectively.

John said: "Your [the people of Kirkby Lonsdale's] support to get us to this stage is humbling.

"We set out on a campaign nine weeks ago, and it's great to know that we've achieved the end goal.

"The playing members of our club will benefit for years to come - thank you."

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The club still has match funding secured up until the middle of the week, allowing them to extend their goal to £38,000 to continue their 'green journey'.

Gareth added: "To everyone that has supported us, you have secured the training facilities for the community and the young people of our club for the next generation.

"That's what it's all about for us - both John and I are heavily invested in our junior sections and we know how important this is, thank you."

The club started the fundraiser in the hope that they would be able to reduce their energy bills with more advanced LED floodlights, acting as a financial boost to keep the club running into the future.

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The club has over 300 registered players aged between five and 50 at the moment, with over 1,000 members of the community said to be regularly interacting with the teams.

A spokesperson from the club explained: "With the money raised to replace the ageing and failing flood lights we would love to keep going and start working to becoming more 'greener'.

"We already have some solar panels but our long term plan is the extension of these reducing our reliability on fossil fuels and converting to green energy.

"This isn't just benefiting us as club - every little bit we can do to use greener energy literally is helping everyone."

You can still donate here.