A BRAVE dad is doing a charity skydive to raise funds for a hospital charity which cares for his daughter.

Kevin Marshall is doing a 15,000 ft skydive for The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital's charity Kidneys for Life on April 20 at Cockerham Airfield near Lancaster.

Mr Marshall's daughter Anya has been a patient there since 2016 when she was four years of age.

In May last year, only eight per cent of her kidneys were working, leading to kidney failure.

As a way of thanking the hospital's charity for their continued support, the 56-year-old dad has raised nearly £2,000 in donations given by friends, family and people from the town.

Mr Marshall said his family and himself are proud that he is doing the charity skydive.

He said: "I'm nervous at the moment but I am excited at the same time. It is the first time I am doing it. I have been watching quite a few videos on how they do it.

"I hope I can help more people like my daughter who is in the same situation. 

"I am doing this for my daughter. Our relationship is absolutely fantastic - she is a daddy's girl."

The dad explained his daughter's kidney condition has been monitored 'quite often'.

She has also undertaken an ileostomy in the hospital, which is where the end of the small bowel is brought through an opening made in the stomach.

On the day before the dive, Anya is having a bigger operation - a ileovesicostomy which helps urine drain from the bladder into a bag.

Kidneys for Life was set up in 1976 for the benefit of renal patients at Manchester Royal Infirmary and in recent years with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and outlying satellite dialysis units.

For more information visit Kidneys for Life here.