People planning on living on their own have a potential haven to travel to - Barrow.

The Cumbrian town has been named in the top 10 places for people living alone, finishing in fifth place.

According to research, Barrow had 11,308 one-person households in 2021, accounting for 36.2% of homes in the area.

The average weekly earnings of a full-time employee in Barrow stood at £659, meaning the average monthly rent of a one-bedroom property standing at £490 allowed more people to fly solo.

This equated to 18.6% percent of monthly earnings going to rent, explaining why solo living proved to be so popular.

Between February 2023 and January 2024, internet searches for one-person houses on the market in Barrow reached 5,930 - a relatively small amount compared to its fellow competitors in the top 10.

For instance, Liverpool saw 45,900 searches, properties in the Wirral were searched for 40,700 times, and the Ribble Valley saw a massive 95,100 searches.

Barrow finished with an overall score of 7.87 out of 10 for solo renters, earning the town its fifth place spot.

It was beaten by Hartlepool at the top of the list, followed by Derby, Liverpool and the Ribble Valley.

Barrow was closely followed by Great Yarmouth, Cheltenham, Carlisle, the Wirral, and Southampton.

Hartlepool was crowned as the champion, with the average rent prices standing at just 16% of the median monthly earnings of residents.

This accounted for there being 13,616 one-person households in the seaside spot in 2021.

The highest number of people living on their own was seen in Liverpool, which had 76,340 in the same year.

In contrast to the top 10, Epsom and Ewell was named as the worst place for solo renters, earning a score of just 0.64 out of 10.