The Easter Holidays are finally upon us, so what better way to enjoy the long weekend than by going on a road trip?

Where is best is the big question and we have a suspicion you know already. Cumbria, naturally.

Automotive experts at Vanarama have got your perfect bucket list road trip sorted if you're stuck for plans. 

They've analysed search data on YouTube for which driving roads are being searched for the most, to find the the perfect road trip destinations across the UK for you to try. 

The top 10 best driving roads in the UK 

Vanarama’s complete top 10 list shows the UK’s most searched-for road trip destinations on YouTube:

  1. Lake District - 37,200 searches
  2. Snowdonia – 25,200 searches
  3. North Coast 500 – 14,400 searches
  4. Peak District – 14,300 searches
  5. Black Mountain Pass – 13,440 searches
  6. Dartmoor National Park – 12,000 searches
  7. Glasgow to Fort William – 11,400 searches
  8. Glencoe – 10,800 searches
  9. New Forest – 8,280 searches
  10. Land’s End – 7,080 searches

1. Lake District 

Vanarama said: "The stunning Lake District topped Vanarama’s list for the best driving roads in the UK with a total of 37,200 yearly searches on YouTube.

"As England’s largest national park, the region spans around 912 square miles throughout the historic counties of Westmorland, Cumberland and Lancashire.

"The vast landscape of the Lake District means there’s always plenty of tarmac to keep you busy during your visit.

"Although the entire region is surrounded by beauty, some of the more famous and well-travelled routes for motoring enthusiasts include the Keswick Loop via Buttermere and Borrowdale, Grasmere to Windermere, and Ambleside to Ullswater. However, most would agree that the most challenging of routes is the Coniston Loop.

"Taking you through a mixture of picturesque villages, jaw-dropping valleys, and craggy mountains, it’s a testing route for even the most experienced drivers. The 34-mile drive is a must for anyone seeking to experience the best that the UK has to offer."

Best memory of road trips?

In a new poll conducted by leading fuel brand JET, the all-important road trip questions have finally been answered.

Best Childhood Memories On A Road Trip:

1.      Being all together as a family (31%)

2.      Falling asleep and waking up somewhere new (22%)

3.      Stopping for snacks at the service station (13%)

4.      Car fun and games (12%)

5.      Planning fun activities for when you arrive (9%)

6.      Car karaoke (6%)

7.      Quality time and deep & meaningfulness (5%)

8.      Listening to audiobooks on the radio (4%)

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The UK’s Favourite Car Games:

1.      I Spy (39%)

2.      Red car, yellow car (19%)

3.      Spot the licence plate (12%)

4.      The quiet game (10%)

5.      Road sign games (7%)

6.      Would you rather? (7%)

7.      I’m going on a picnic (6%)

Who Should Sit Up Front?

1.      The parents / eldest in age order (49%)

2.      The navigator (22%)

3.      The passenger who’s always travel-sick (11%)

4.      Whoever claims it first (10%)

5.      The tallest person (6%)

6.      Girls upfront / boys upfront (2%)

“Road trips are just as much about the journey as they are the destination,” says Áine Corkery, Manager, UK Brand, Phillips 66 Limited.

“It’s wonderful to see the UK’s sense of adventure through the lens of these results. As JET is a driver-first brand, committed to getting drivers back on the road safely, facilitating road trips that are full of memories and experiences is important to us – and we can tell from the results that it is to the voting public too!”