Through this first month of spring, as the countryside begins to come alive with bird song and floral beauty, Christians have been journeying towards the great paradox of ‘Holy’ week - the retelling of the story of the trial, torture and execution of God.

This year we have done so during a time of growing uncertainty, threat and fear. We can feel the deep desire for someone to come and ‘fix it’ tugging at our hearts. We can see that same dynamic expressed in the rise of populist politicians across the globe. What does Jesus’ death on a cross have to offer us in this place?

There are many strands of understanding woven into Christ’s crucifixion. One is that here we see God  rejected, humiliated, tortured, killed. We see him willingly entering our suffering and fear; being overwhelmed by it as we are, yet still loving.

There are also many strands of understanding woven into Christ’s resurrection, but central to them all is that it demonstrates the ultimate victory of vulnerable love.

In the face of the world as it is and our desire to be safe, there are many ways of responding to the events of Holy Week and Easter. One of those it to recognise ourselves as being loved by God just as we are. And then, from that place of ultimate security, choosing, each day, to act out of love not fear.

May we discover more of who we are and who God might be this Holy Week and Easter.

Written by Revd Simon Howard, Associate Priest, of Underbarrow with Helsington, Two Valleys Mission Community

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