For me nothing beats the feeling of being part of something bigger - the thrill of joining a crowd with the same focus.

So often it involves joining in with the music of the tribe. Whether it’s at Torchlight or joining the audience of big concert all singing along to our favourite sets or at big sporting event or, as I have been once, as part of a massive protest snaking through a major city.

The sense of not just doing my thing in isolation but in agreement with many others. 

The Church of England has an app called Daily Prayer with the official worship service for every morning, evening and for the night. Each morning the prayers open with this line;

‘The night has passed, and the day lies open before us: let us pray with one heart and mind.’

This is followed by silence.

In this space I can feel people of good will across the globe, in their own time zone, in their own language, in great cathedrals and bombed-out shelters, in schools, hospitals and private spaces all turning their thoughts to pray together; each with a part to play in this great wave of goodwill.

As the silence ends we have the words, ‘as we rejoice in the gift of this new day…’ and I can picture all those people setting off into their days’ activities, all of them different, each carrying that sense of being part of something so much bigger.

Written by Rev Beverley Lock, Diocese of Carlisle Vocations Team

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